Monday, April 1, 2013

March Mystery Theme Revealed

Okay, it's been fun. There were five short stories, all linked by some unspoken theme, and now it's time to let you know what it was. But first, an overview.

  • Teacher - a young woman at a bar is recognized by a former student, but things aren't what they seem
  • Living In The Past - a woman announces to her sister that she is no longer practicing Daylight Savings Time
  • Rainbow Blues - a leprechaun tries to cheer up a friend who's down on his luck
  • Fat Man - revolutionaries try to break a legendary hacker out of prison
  • Bungle In The Jungle - a game tester finds glitches in a virtual safari

What do they all have in common? All of these stories are named after songs by the British prog-rock band Jethro Tull. For bonus points, all of these songs can be found on the album M.U. - The Best of Jethro Tull.

And, for what it's worth, if I could have figured out a way to write a story called Aqualung, I totally would have.

There were a few clues sprinkled throughout. Song lyrics were obliquely referenced somewhere in each story. In order: "Then the teacher told me it had been a lot of fun"; "Now there's revolution but we don't know what we're fighting"; "So we'll slip behind a rainbow and wait until the show is done"; "Roll us both down a mountain and I'm sure the fat man would win"; "The monkeys seem willing to strike up the tune". Lyrics were also quoted directly in Carolyn's editing credit.

Despite the relative lack of participation, I had a lot of fun with this, and I will undoubtedly try something like it again in the future.


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