Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction: The Survivor

Every Friday, Kurt posts a new piece of flash fiction. This week...

The Survivor
Word Count: 595

Alright, sir, tell me again what you were doing.

I was scavenging.


For food.

You don’t have food at home?

I already told you, there’s none left.

Why didn’t you go out and get more?

I was doing that. That’s what I just told you. Jesus, you aren’t listening to a word I say, are you?

You told me you were scavenging.

I want to see my daughter.

She’s safe.

No, she’s not. She needs to eat.

We’re getting her something to eat.

She hasn’t eaten in days.

Why hasn’t she eaten in days?

I told you, we’re out of food.

And that’s why you were scavenging.

Yes, that’s why.

How often do you go scavenging?

I don’t know. Every few days. Maybe more. It depends. If we find a lot, we can last a little longer. We go out only when we need to. It’s not safe.

Why isn’t it safe?

Because they’re out there.

Who is ‘they’?

They. Them. Others. The people that would hurt us.

Can you be more specific?

Other survivors. They want to take our food. Kill us. Do things to us.

Where are they?

Out there. Everywhere. You should know… You’re one of them.

I see.

You can hear them, sometimes. Jesus, I need to see my daughter.

You know, your daughter is horribly malnourished.

That’s why we were looking for food. Jesus Christ, it’s like you don’t even hear a word I say.

Calm down, sir.

That’s easy for you to say. You’re the one with the gun. I’m the one with the family to feed.

I don’t have a gun.

Of course you have a gun.

Where’s your wife?

I never married.

Where’s Emily’s mother?

How do you know her name? Don’t call her that. I didn’t tell you that you could call her that.

Her mother. What happened to her mother?

…We don’t talk about her mother.

Is she alive?

She left us. I doubt it. There are so few of us left. Since that day.

Tell me about that day.

July 8th, 3:17 pm. The power went out. That was when I knew something was wrong.

Did anyone else’s power go out?

…I don’t understand the question.

Your power went out. What about your neighbors’?

I don’t have any neighbors.

You used to.

But I don’t anymore. Now there are only survivors. Me and my daughter, and the people who would hurt us.

What about me?

You’re one of them, I already told you.

I’m not going to hurt you.

You’re keeping me from my daughter, how could you possibly hurt me more deeply than that.

There’s some concern that you might be a danger to your daughter.

I’m the only thing keeping her alive right now.

That may have been true for a time, but it’s not anymore. We’re keeping her alive. Us. ‘They,’ if you will.

At what cost. Oh, God, what are you doing to her?

Feeding her. Clothing her. Seeing that she has proper dental care. Things you obviously weren’t able to do for her.

I just want her to survive. To keep on going. Someone has to survive.

Sir, I’m going to need you to calm down.

They blew it up. They blew the whole thing up.


Everything fell apart on that day.

Sir, can you calm down?

And now you’ve taken her from me.


And now… Now they’ve won. Now they’ve won. Now they’ve won.

Sir! Sir?… Sir, can you hear me? Sir, answer if you can hear me. Sir?… Sir?… Are you still there?

Edited by Carolyn "Here Are The Things I Am Confused About" Abram.

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