Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction: The Third Annual Regional Educators Holiday Party Planning Session

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The Third Annual Regional Educators Holiday Party Planning Session
Word Count: 599

Orson arrived last. “Sorry I’m late,” he said, hanging up his coat. “Practice went long.” He took a seat on the couch

“That’s fine,” said Sarah. “We’ve narrowed it down to the third weekend in December or the second weekend in January.”

“We’re leaning towards December,” said Renee.

“Third weekend? I’ve got football that Friday,” said Orson. “Science Olympics training starts Sunday afternoon, but I could make it Saturday evening, as long as we’re not planning to stay out too late.”

“So… wait,” said Sara, “does this mean we have a date picked out? That was easy.”

“Well, Hanukkah was early this year,” said Renee, staring at Sarah.

“Don’t blame me for my people’s holiday celebrations,” said Sarah.

“Have them,” said Renee. “Just don’t make them take up two weekends in December.”

“All right, all right,” said Orson. “Where do we want to go? Is it just the three of us?”

“Carol’s on maternity leave,” said Renee. “And Frank’s going to visit his in-laws.”

“Not much of a party,” said Orson.

“It will be,” said Sarah. “The Third Annual Regional Educators Holiday Party will be a success, dammit!”

“Fourth,” said Orson. “Wasn’t the first one in ‘09?”

“We didn’t haven’t one in 2010,” said Sarah. “It’s the third.”

“Okay, then it’s not annual,” said Orson. “It can be the third or it can be annual, but not both.”

“Does any of this matter?” asked Renee.

“I suppose we could call it the Third or Annual Holiday… whatever,” said Orson.

“Where are we going?” asked Renee.

“Cobb’s?” asked Orson.

“On our salaries?” said Sarah.

Orson shrugged. “It’s a special occasion.”

“Yeah, but my broken crown last month drained the ‘special occasion’ fund,” said Sarah.

“Wing Shack has dollar wings on Saturdays,” said Renee.

“I like wings,” said Sarah.

“I like shacks,” said Orson. “Wait, does Ty Hughes still work there?”

“I don’t know,” said Sarah.

“I think so,” said Renee. “His sister’s in my third hour; I could ask her. Why?”

“I failed him in remedial Chem last semester,” said Orson. “I don’t know if I want him preparing my food.”

“Okay, there’s that Greek place you like,” said Renee.

“The one on Tenth Street?” asked Sarah. “They’re closed for remodeling.”

“In December?” asked Renee. “I would think December would be prime flaming-cheese time.”

“That’s the problem,” said Sarah. “They accidentally set the ceiling on fire.”

Orson nodded.

“Oooooh,” said Renee.

“Beer Barn?” asked Orson.

“They allow smoking,” said Renee. “And their wings make me gassy.”

“Maybe we could rent out a hall or something,” said Sarah.

“For the three of us?” asked Orson. “A little overkill, don’t you think?”

“Well, I’m out of ideas, then,” said Sarah.

Orson and Renee exchanged glances.

“I guess I could host it,” said Renee.

“Well, you are hosting the planning session,” said Orson.

“I don’t want you to have to host a party,” said Sarah. “The cleanup would be so much work.”

“There’s only the three of us,” said Orson. “How much of a mess do you think we’ll make? Don’t you teach Math?”

“Oh, be nice,” said Renee.

“Yeah,” said Sarah. “Be nice.”

The three teachers stared at each other. Finally Renee broke the silence. “Okay, I’ve got it. Let’s do it tonight. Right here.”

Orson and Sarah exchanged a look. Orson shrugged. “We could order a pizza,” said Sarah.

“I’ll chip in,” said Orson. “Do we need to make a beer run?”

“I’ve got a twelve-pack in the fridge,” said Renee. “Some craft brewer I’d never heard of.”

“So, four different flavors of IPA?” said Orson. “I’m in!”

Edited by Carolyn "Removing The 'The's Could Solve The Problem" Abram.

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