Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Flash Fiction: The Daughters Of Mother Ana

Every Friday Kurt posts a new piece of flash fiction. This week, a silly little poem to start the new year...

The Daughters Of Mother Ana
Word Count: 556

Mother Ana had twelve daughters, each a lovely maid,
With each born in a separate month and so she had them named:
Jan and Phoebe, Marge and April, Mae and June and Julie
Agnes, Stephie and Octavia, Nev and little Desi.

Jan, the oldest and by far the coldest to be sure,
Would be the first to say a new beginning is in store.
Her snow-white hair is long and flowing as a winter’s day
Yet those who offer her embrace are swiftly turned away.

Meanwhile Phoebe’s heart is filled with love above all else.
She dotes upon her suitors and her family (and herself).
The wee-est of her sisters, her affections have no rival.
But you’d be sore mistaken to dismiss her as a trifle.

Margery is fair of face and even-keeled to boot.
She fosters lofty dreams and finds good soil to give them root.
And, like her sister Jan, she often thinks of things to come,
A good friend and companion when there’s hard work to be done.

April is the cruelest child, a sad and vengeful thing,
Deprived of sunlight, dourly puts off the joys of spring.
She casts a wary, baleful eye on any who might greet her.
A body would be well to treat her gently, should they meet her.

Her younger sister Mae, although, is blossoming with vim.
And beautiful to look upon without, as well within.
Her clothes are bright and colorful, her hair a fiery red.
You’d fall in love if you could only catch her, so it’s said.

June and Julie are quite close and oft confused for twins.
They play each other’s silly games (it matters not who wins).
And though they’re often careless, they are not without some charm
Flitting off together hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm.

Agnes has a temper that could drive a soul to drink.
To end up on her bad side? Well, I shudder just to think.
And yet there is a kindness there, if you see past her quibbling.
(Although she’s quite exhausted by her next two older siblings.)

Stephanie is crisp and cool and gentle as the sun.
Her auburn hair, her golden eyes—she’s quite a splendid one.
How studious and colorful and welcoming she is.
A shame, amongst her sisters, she can be easy to miss.

Octavia, Octavia, a dark and brooding pearl.
Almost a little frightening is Ana’s tenth-born girl.
She dresses up and plays at chattering with ghosts and ogres.
And let’s admit it, recently her costumes have grown vulgar.

Neve is known foremost and first to be thankful bumpkin
And second for her food, and spicing everything with pumpkins
Cousins travel far to see her, oh they love her madly.
Though too much time with family depresses her quite badly.

Finally comes Desi, such a festive little tyke.
All adorned in evergreen—her dress and boots alike.
Her laugh is full of wonder and her smile is bright and wild.
And yet she’s so reflective—odd for such a little child.

Mother Ana gathers them and pats them on their heads.
The day is done, it’s time for them to scamper to their beds.
And though they’d rather stay awake, their time is at an end.
Another day will dawn and we shall see them all again.

Best Wishes For 2014,

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