Monday, January 27, 2014

On Resolutions

Well, it's January. Resolution time. Time to evaluate, pledge, etc in attempts to better ourselves. I have mixed emotions on the institute of the New Year's Resolution. Here's why:

The ones I accomplished don't matter. Most of my resolutions were to clear out backlogs of things that I'd saved and meant to get back to: old tweets or articles in my feed reader. I got these cleared out, and they immediately filled back up again. Not really once-a-year tasks, it seems.

The ones I didn't accomplish were still really helpful. I also meant to clear out my backlog of unlistened-to-podcasts. I didn't succeed. But I came so near success as makes no matter. I dropped the list from 600+ down to 70. Much more manageable. I also wanted to get every song on my computer listened to. Didn't finish, didn't really come close to finishing, but made a lot of progress.

My major accomplishments for the year weren't New Year's Resolutions. I sold my first short story this year. I finished a year of Friday Flash Fiction. I lost fifty pounds. None of these were New Year's Resolutions--they were just things I did. This is important, particularly in the case of weight-loss. No amount of resolving would make me do it; I know this because I've been trying for years. What happened is that a friend recommended an app that would help me track and budget my daily calorie intake. This, it turned out, was all I needed. I lost a fifth of my body weight in about four months. I lost two pants sized and a shirt size, and in doing so I managed to get my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides all into a healthy range.

So am I going to make resolutions this year? Yes and no. I don't have any official New Year's Resolutions, but I did make an impulsive decision to read a book a day for the month of January. I will probably do something else recklessly impulsive later in the year. And I've got a healthy backlog in my Netflix queue. So we'll see what happens.

Happy New Year,

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