Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Flash Fiction: Trilogy, Part III

As we finish off the second year of Friday Flash Fiction, Kurt presents the conclusion to a story so epic that it could only be told in 1,800 words! (Need a refresher? Look at Part 1 and Part 2.)

Trilogy, Part III
Word Count: 600

All things must end.

Jess’s boots clanked on the corrugated metal that lined the deck of the Titan. The vessel was the size of a small city and capable of launching a hundred marauder airships. Its captain—a man who called himself Ibrahim—approached Jess with confidence.

“You’re surrounded,” he said.

“So are you,” said Jess.

Ibrahim looked at the dozen marauders in a ring around them. “These are my men,” he said.

“For now,” said Jess.

“Give me the stone.”

“I don’t have it.”

“Search her,” said Ibrahim. Two marauders patted her down. They pulled the sword from her belt. “No stones, boss,” said one.

“How do you intend to win my men to your cause without the Augmenter?” asked Ibrahim.

“The same way you won them,” said Jess. “You don’t have the stone either.”

“I have the Titan.”

“For now.”

“I tire of this,” said Ibrahim. An aide handed him a sword. He pulled it from its scabbard with a flourish.

The blade fell off and clanked to the deck.

Excellent, thought Jess. That told her two things. First, Rena and Clink had managed to get on board with the stone. Second, Clink had been through the armory on his way to the engine room.

“Your sword seems to have abandoned you,” said Jess. “Perhaps you’d prefer mine.”

“An amusing parlor trick,” said Ibrahim. “But irrelevant. Once I have the Augmenter, nothing will be able to stop me.”

“I doubt that very much,” said Jess.

“Kill her,” said Ibrahim.

“Perhaps I can make them a better offer.”

“By all means, try,” said Ibrahim. “Men, she is yours to dispatch. When any of you tire of her lies, kill her.”

My lies?” said Jess. “Perhaps I should tell your men how you took the stone from me when I boarded.”

Ibrahim laughed. His men, on the other hand, were not laughing.

“Is that true?” asked a marauder.

“If I had the Augmenter, you would know it,” said Ibrahim.

“They’ll know soon enough,” said Jess. “The stone can only enhance your innate abilities. You sow destruction. When you took the stone, you doomed yourself. But don’t take my word for it. Look at his sword.”

A murmur rose among the marauders.

Come on, Clink, she thought.

“This is preposterous,” said Ibrahim. “I’ve had enough of this.” He picked up Jess’s sword and unsheathed it.

The blade fell off.

Men gasped.

Good old Clink, thought Jess.

“Anyone who abandons Captain Ibrahim will be spared,” said Jess. “Under my leadership, the Titan will be a force for good. We will build cities, not loot them. I’ll give you what Ibrahim never could.”

“And what is that, praytell?” asked Ibrahim.

“Honor,” said Jess.

An engine exploded.

Men shouted. “What do we do?”

“This ship is going down,” said Jess. “As long as he’s on it.”

At that moment, the Titan’s nose pitched forward.

“Men,” shouted Ibrahim as hands reached for him. “Men, stop it. What are you doing?” They dragged him to the edge of the deck.

Jess couldn’t watch. She’d seen too much killing already. She whispered into her sleeve. “It’s done,” she said.

The Titan righted itself.

“Rudder’s sluggish,” said Rena through the transmitter. “Clink, did you destroy anything important?”

“Who can tell on a ship this size?” he answered. “Captain, you want this rock back?”

“No,” said Jess. “We need to get it somewhere it can do some good. Rena?”

“Yeah, boss?”

“Plot a course for the kindest, most generous person you’ve ever met.”

“Aye-aye,” said Rena. “After that?”

“It’s a big sky,” said Jess. “We’ll think of something.”

Edited by Carolyn "How The Hell Did We Get Here?" Abram

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