Monday, June 23, 2014

Friday Flash Fiction Year Two Wrap-Up

Two years. So, that happened. Two years ago I promised myself that I would write a new piece of flash fiction every week for a year, and I've kept it up so far without any interruption. So what's on tap for Year Three?

Well, first I'm taking a break. I've having another child this summer and I have other writing projects I want to devote time towards. But fret not, the blog will not be silent. I'll be re-posting some of my favorite stories from the last two years and perhaps I'll be adding some color-commentary as well. This FFF hiatus will likely last through the end of the calendar-year (another reason I wanted to take a break was to line up the two). Come January I'll be posting... I don't know what. Maybe more flash, maybe a serialized novel, maybe I'll become a tech blogger. Who's to say?

That said, in celebration of two completed years, I've assembled (finally) a compendium off all existing Friday Flash Fiction stories. It's available on Kindle and will be showing up on BN, Smashwords, etc just as soon as I can clear a few formatting hurdles.


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