Monday, September 14, 2015

Current Project Update 2

Current word count: 21,399
Chapters done: 6/52

Slow but tangible progress. Lost some momentum, but still, progress is progress, and I feel good about this story. It's got a good trajectory and it's rewarding to work on, if not exactly fun. I find myself thinking about it a lot, even when I'm not actively working on it. That's a good sign.

Still not ready for alpha readers yet, but I've sent the prologue to my writing group for feedback. This means that the title and synopsis are out there, so I'll share them here as well.

(Working) Title: Château Soleil
Genre: Near-future sci-fi jailbreak
Elevator pitch: A band of thieves pulls off one last heist using stolen tech that allows them to pass through matter. They attempt a daring escape through the interior of the sun, only to be captured by the Château Soleil, a mammoth vessel that was already hiding there.

Look for another post in a few weeks or when I'm in the 30,000s. Whichever comes second, I suppose.


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