Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Château Soleil Update 4

Current word count: 40,275
Chapters done: 12/52
Projected length: 174,525

So, I'm not quite a fourth of the way through my outline. Put another way, I'm getting into Act II right now. My ridiculously ambitious goal is to have the next thirteen chapters finished this month. Probably not going to happen, but there's a nice little mini-climax that I'm working towards that should help keep my momentum going. And I'm getting into the territory where the chapters are a little shorter.

There are a few reasons for this. First, the characters are splitting up more, so there are fewer things to keep track of in a given chapter. Second, a lot of the backstory has come out now, so chapters are more oriented on plot than on world-building and character development. At 40,000 words, the characters are pretty well established and I'm trying to keep things moving forward. Third, one of the POV characters in this stretch just has shorter chapters. He's not especially thoughtful, he's isolated from the rest, and he tends to use small words and short sentences anyway, so a chapter for him will only be about 2/3 the length of the chapter for one of the other POVs. Finally, moving towards a climax (even a mini-one) means shorter chapters for pacing reasons.

Expect the projected length number at the top to continue falling for a bit, but I doubt it drops below 165K. This is still going to be a crazy-long book. For me, anyway.

See you in 10,000 words,

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