Friday, October 16, 2015

Château Soleil Update 5

Current word count: 50,150
Chapters done: 15/52
Projected length: 173,853 words

So what's really funny is that this started out as a short story idea. I imagined a heist where the... um... heisters... pulled off a daring escape through the center of the sun, which allowed them to fake their own deaths. It was a cool idea, but it also felt like a wholly unsatisfying conclusion to a short story. On the other hand, it could be a very enticing beginning to a long one.

So I began to develop the idea a little. Passing through the sun would involve some kind of McGuffin to let a ship pass through matter. So they're passing harmlessly through the sun. What then is the unbelievable event that would set the plot in motion? They run into something, of course. What do they run into? How about a bigger ship? And then it captures them.

That's how the original idea came together and then radically changed scope. And, in fact, that is more or less my elevator pitch for it. For reference, my actual elevator pitch:

A band of thieves pulls off one last heist using stolen tech that allows them to pass through matter. They attempt a daring escape through the interior of the sun, only to be captured by the Château Soleil, a mammoth vessel that was already hiding there.

Fun stuff.

Racing towards "set piece #1." See you in 10K.


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