Friday, October 23, 2015

Château Soleil Update 6: Structural Weirdness

Current word count: 59,999
Chapters done: 18/52
Projected length: 173,331 words

So, I'm not technically at 60,000 words yet, but I am at the end of a chapter and how could I not make a post with my one-word-shy word count? I suppose I could go back and throw a "Damn" somewhere just to round it out, but that would feel fake.

Depending on how you look at it, I'm either coming up on the midpoint of Act II (which is coincidentally the midpoint of the entire novel) or I'm in the middle of Act III of the first half of the book. I'm using an unusual structure. By breaking out the first half into its own "book" with its own climax, I'm masking the fact that I'm using a three-act formula at all. Always a plus if you can use a formula without making it look like you're using a formula.

I don't know. Fly casual.*

I had two goals in messing with structure. That was one of them. The other was that it facilitates a device I'm using in the chapter epigraphs. There are three "books" within this book. Each is 'graphed by excerpts from a different piece of correspondence that is explained at the end of that "book". And yes, the first half of the book is the first "book", making it the longest by far. Which is an unconventional choice.

Which means none of this may survive editing.


*Okay, this reference is really nerdy, even for me, but kudos to you if it made you laugh.

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