Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Château Soleil Update 11: Been A While

Current word count: 112,037
Chapters done: 34/52
Projected length: 171,351 words

So it's been about three months since my last update. That's a long time to spend on only 11,000 words. I didn't intend to take a hiatus, but that's what happened. The time wasn't completely wasted craft-wise--I've been doing a lot of reading. But I got to a place in my outline where I had too many things to figure out. I let myself stop and think about it for a while and that killed my momentum.

I've talked about this before in various forums (fora?), that I think the whole point of pre-writing is to help maintain momentum. This is doubly true on a big story like this one, since I have a lot more momentum I need to sustain. Right now I'm closing in on the end of Act II and, shortly thereafter, the end of Book II. This means that the story is not quite barreling towards its conclusion, but it will be soon. This means transitioning as a storyteller from laying out the threads to gathering them back together.

And also torturing my characters, because honestly that's my main motivation here.

That transition is something I want to be more mindful of for future projects, as I'd like to avoid unscheduled three-months breaks. On the one hand, I'm glad I took the time to figure that one difficult chapter out. It's going to be very helpful in setting up my ending. Next time, I'll try to have that sorted out in the outline phase.


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