Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Château Soleil Update 14: Major Milestone 2

Current word count: 140,419
Chapters done: 42/52
Projected length: 173,852 words

We're on the home stretch now. This update marks the end of Book 2. As mentioned in a previous post, I've sub-divided the manuscript into three smaller "books". Book 1 covers about the first half, Book 2 the next third (or so), Book 3 the final sixth. This may seem like an odd way to organize a story, especially considering how rigorously outlined it is. I had a number of reasons for doing it this way, but the most pressing is that the story is laid out around narrative set-pieces. Each capital-B Book ends with a major event in the story and deals with a piece of correspondence that is being referenced throughout that section. There are other reasons, of course, but they are seriously too pretentious for me to talk about in a blog post.

Obviously, these are conceits that might not survive to the final draft, but for the time being, I'm using this as an excuse to celebrate! The other cause for celebration is that I'm getting to the part of the book that is genuinely fun to write. It's the part I've been looking forward to for the last, well, 140,000 words or so. This is a (relatively) big book working towards a (relatively) big ending. There are a lot of pieces floating in the air, but getting them lined up and watching them clink into place is really satisfying.

See you all again in 10,000 words,

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