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WorldCon, Werewolves, and Uncle Fluffy

🌐 Saturday in the park, I think it was the fourth of July...

Hey everybody, I'm going to be at WorldCon in Chicago in a couple of weeks. This is my first WorldCon, so I'll definitely be taking in the panels and events as an audience member, but I'm also going to be a participant. Here's what I'll be up to!


On Friday night I'm running a game of Werewolf, which, for the uninitiated, is a social deduction game. It's kind of like Among Us, but analog. Should be fun, especially if participants have already started drinking.


I'm going to be on three panels over the course of the weekend and, bonus, I'm moderating all three of them. They are:

  • Space Westerns
  • An Intro to the MCU
  • Film's Changing Sound Quality
I do enjoy moderating panels and am really looking forward to these discussions.


I'm putting on a concert! Er... that is to say, I have a thirty minutes set midday Saturday. But it still counts! And what will I be playing, you may ask?

So, way back when my oldest was still an only child and really into Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, I had a weird idea about what children's music might be like after the complete downfall of civilization. So in the last years as I've been getting more interested in the filk scene at conferences, I decided to flesh out this weird idea into an entire show, which I'm calling Uncle Fluffy's Post-Apocalyptic Sing-Along. So I will be playing selections from that.

Oh, and I also recorded studio versions of all the songs, which you can stream/purchase below. And fair warning: while it pretends to be an album of children's music, the humor occasionally gets real dark.

So that's happening.