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Private Die (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🕵️ Play It, Sam. You Played It For Her... 2016, 2-6 players Complexity: light Harvey loosened his tie and wiped the sweat off his bald head. In the chair opposite him was a hard woman--bad luck in a tan dress with playful eyes and a devilish smirk. She lit a cigarette and blew a puff of smoke out the side of her mouth. Harvey glowered. This witness had information and he wanted. It was time to roll the dice. Let's See It In Action In Private Die , you and up to five friends take on the role of police detectives investigating a murder by interrogating a string of informants or suspects in order to gather clues. Each player has a pool of five dice and a character card that outlines any special powers they have, as well as two clues to start. At the start of each round, a Witness card comes up. The active player rolls a 10-sided die and adds it to the Witness's number to get the target roll. In turn, each player declares how many dice they want to roll in an attempt to get as clo

Onitama (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🥋 Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting... 2014, 2 players Complexity: light/moderate In Ancient Japan lies the Shrine of Onitama, a sacred place devoted to the spirits of martial arts. Masters will journey there along with their most promising disciples in order to test their strength against each other and determine who has true martial arts superiority. (And yes, I realize Kung Fu Chinese, not Japanese, but the song reference was too good to pass up) Let's See It In Action Onitama  is an abstract strategy game in which you and a friend will maneuver your pieces around a 5x5 grid using a common pool of moves that are drawn randomly during set-up. The basic mechanics are similar to chess. You can move any piece on your turn. Any piece can capture any opposing player's piece by landing on a square that is occupied. You cannot capture your own pieces. The big difference is that in chess every type of piece has a pre-defined move set. In Onitama , any piece can make any move as long as

Mystic Vale (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🧝 Who's That Walking Through These Here Woods... 2016, 2-4 players Complexity: moderate Let's be clear about one thing up front: Mystic Vale  is first and foremost a gimmick. It's built around a "card-crafting" system created by John D. Clair wherein you are acquiring cards through the usual deck-builder means, but instead of adding them to your deck, you sleeve them into individual cards in that are already in your deck. The result is something fairly original: a fixed-deck deck-builder. Let's See It In Action In Mystic Vale , you and one to three friends are Druidic clans attempting to cleanse the vale of rot and decay. At the start of the game--and at the end of every subsequent turn--you prep your field. This means you flip cards over and place them in front of you until three red "decay" icons are visible. The third sits on top of your deck, but is not considered in play. On your turn, you can either play what you have or "push", reve

Mysterium (Acquire-To-Zendo)

👻 I Always Fees Like Somebody's Watchin' Me... 2015, 2-7 players Complexity: light/moderate The old MacDowell house is haunted. Tonight, and tonight alone, the supernatural presence can interact with people. And so a group of talented psychic detectives have been gathered to the spooky old haunted house in order to be brutally murdered one by one solve the mystery of who killed the ghost that haunts Chez MacDowell. At the intersection of Dixit  and Clue  lies  Mysterium . Let's See It In Action In Mysterium , you and up to six friends will work together to solve the mystery of who killed the ghost that haunts the old MacDowell place. One player is the ghost and will hand out clues to the other players. Over the course of seven rounds, the players will use the clues to try to suss out the identity, location, and weapon of the murder. The ghost player knows all and can say nothing. They have a killer/location/weapon combination for every player and a hand of abstract cards

Marvel Legendary* (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🦸‍♂️ Avengers Dissemble! 2012, 1-5 players Complexity: moderate Okay. Technically the name of this game is Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game . I don't know anyone who actually calls it that. There are, in fact, a whole series of Legendary  games that touch on IPs like Alien , Predator , Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Big Trouble In Little China , and so forth. Some of those fall under the Legendary Encounters  moniker. So why is this one just called  Legendary ? It's all just silly. So I'm going to keep calling it Marvel Legendary  because that's what it might as well be called, dammit. Also, I forgot to double-check the name before I'd gotten past it in the alphabet, so that one's on me. Let's See It In Action Marvel Legendary * is a semi-cooperative deck-buliding game for one to five players, in which you and your friends form a team of (typically) five superheroes in order to defeat a Mastermind before they can complete their evil scheme. This is an Asc