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New Fiction: Ms. Figgle-DeBitt's Home For Wayward A.I.'s

This amusing piece showed up a few weeks ago in Escape Pod . I'd recommend listening to it rather than reading it because the narrator is amazing . I'm very proud of how this story turned out, considering I started writing it with nothing but a zany idea for a title and a dumb joke about bananas. Bananas feature prominently in the story--rather, a recipe for a banana cake features prominently. Prominently enough that I baked one to celebrate. The recipe for this beauty can be found at Averie Cooks . Anyway, I hope you enjoy. The story that is. Or the cake. Both really. ]{p

Sale: Alienation

I'm pleased to announce that I will have a short story titled "Alienation" appearing in the December issue of . Stay tuned here for more information. Or, you know, subscribe to them. You do you. ]{p