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Terror In Meeple City (Acquire-To-Zendo

 🐲 We Built This City... 2013, 2-4 players Complexity: light Terror In Meeple City  is a game about monsters demolishing a city. It was originally released under the name Rampage , but that got changed because of "brand confusion" with the video game Rampage , which is a game about monsters demolishing a city. Which... okay, that's fair. Let's See It In Action In Terror In Meeple City , you and one to three friends take on the role of monsters who have converged on Meeple City in order to destroy its buildings and devour its citizens. Each monster has a screen that looks like a face with six teeth, four of which are removable. Your monster token has two parts: a base--it's "paws"--and a body. On your turn, you take two actions. Your options are: Move: flick your monster's base in order to reposition yourself Demolish: if you are at least partially on a sidewalk, you can pick up your monster's body, hold it over a building, and drop it. Fling: pi

Tash-Kalar: Arena Of Legends (Acquire-To-Zendo)

 🧙‍♂️ Durbgu! Nazg-shu! Durbgu! Nazg-shu! ... 2013, 2-4 players Complexity: medium Mages gather in the arena to summon their servants to do battle with one another. This is a card-based dueling game in the tradition of Magic: The Gathering , but unlike MTG , this is a fixed-deck game that relies on pattern matching and spatial logic in order to win. Let's See It In Action In Tash-Kalar: Arena Of Legends , you and your opponent face off against one another (technically there are rules for three and four players, but this is intended to be a two-player game) in the arena. Each player takes a pre-built deck of cards and draws three of them into their hand. Each player also draws two cards from a common "Legendary" deck and one from a common "Flare" deck, making a hand of six cards. On your turn, you will perform two actions. The most common will be to place on of your tokens on the board, but you can also use tokens you have in play in conjunction with the cards i

Takenoko (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🐼 Pandemonium... 2011, 2-4 players Complexity: light Long ago the Emperor of Japan received a panda as a symbolic gift of peace from the Emperor of China. It was a powerful gesture. It was also a bit of a pain to care for, so the Emperor tasked his courtiers with managing it. Let's See It In Action In Takenoko , you and one to three friends will take on the role of courtiers to the Japanese Emperor and are seeking to win his favor by cultivating the most pleasing garden while also keeping his new pet panda happy. The board consists of a number of pink, green, and yellow hex tiles surrounding a central pond. Any tile that is watered will grow bamboo of the same color--tiles that are adjacent to the pond will automatically grow, but anything farther out will need to be irrigated. Some tiles have a marker indicating that they are self-watering, can't be eaten from, or fertilized. There are also figures for the panda and gardener that can move around the board at the players'

Star Fluxx (Acquire-To-Zendo)

🌠 Star Trekking Across The Universe... 2011, 2-6 players Complexity: light Fluxx  is a series of games from Looney Labs that are all based around the same engine and come in a variety of flavors. There's Pirate Fluxx , Zombie Fluxx , Cthulhu Fluxx , even Batman Fluxx  and Firefly Fluxx . But out of all of them, Star Fluxx  is my favorite. Let's See It In Action Fluxx  games are all based around the same mechanic: you and one-to-five friends are trying to accomplish the game-winning goal through an ever-changing card engine with a healthy dose of "Take that!" gameplay. The basic rules are draw 1 card and then play 1 card, but these rules won't stay in play very long. Many of the cards you can play will allow you to play or draw extra cards, as well as a whole host of other options, such as hand-size limits, extra goals, or letting you play the top card off the deck as part of your turn. In addition to rules cards, there are goals, actions, and surprises, but the c

Splendor (Acquire-To-Zendo)

 💎 In The Sky With Diamonds... 2014, 2-4 players Complexity: light Set in the Italian Renaissance, Splendor  is game about collecting gems, acquiring mining and transportation rights, and building a jewelry supply chain. But mostly it's a eurogame about buying cards and building a tableau. Let's See It In Action In Splendor , you and up to three friends will take on the role of gem merchants, dealing in gems that are red, black, white, green, or blue. On your turn, you can either take gems from the supply or spend your gems to acquire cards. The supply of gems is determined by the number of players. If you're taking gems, you have two options: you can take three gems of three different colors, or you can take two of the same color--but only if there are at least four of that color in the supply. If you end up with more than ten, you have to discard down at the end of your turn. In addition to the five gem types, there is gold which acts as a wild, but it can only be taken