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Memory Leaks: Super Bomberman

💣 I Gotta Say That Mable...

Super Bomberman was the first title in the Bomberman series released for the Super Nintendo. Published by Hudson in 1993, it continued the franchise's model of "maze + action" gameplay with upgraded graphics. You drop timed bombs that will explode in all (four) directions a set number of hexes and you use these to defeat enemies, clear paths, and collect power-ups to your character and/or your bombs. Hijinx ensue.

How I Remember It...

I don't remember how or when we acquired this game, but it definitely wasn't right after release. It was one of those franchises that I'd been vaguely aware of for most of my life (the first game was released in 1983) but had never been terribly drawn towards. And then we acquired it. And... It's kinda like a Zelda dungeon but with fewer puzzles and more explosives.

I played it a ton one summer between what would have to have been my junior and senior years of college and listening to Music by Madonna and Fashion Nugget by Cake on repeat. The gameplay is straightforward, but addictive. Supposedly there's a story there but I never payed attention to it. It does get progressively harder; you have an ever-increasing need for caution as the mazes get more restrictive and your bomb blasts get to where they travel the length of the screen. And over the course of a month or so I played it enough that I could beat it.

And then I was done. I don't think I've picked it up since. The franchise has continued. There was a Super Bomberman R released for the Switch and I tried it out and it was fine. It had been made-over to be extra cartoony, but I just didn't find the game compelling.

So this was kind of a one-and-done game for me. I really liked it. And now I'm good.


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