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Where to Find Kurt at Archon This Weekend

👑 "Once I Was the King of Spain..."

Hey everybody, I'm going to be at Archon this weekend. Here's my schedule:

Opening Sentences and What They Tell the Reader

Friday 19:00, Marquette A
Panelists read first sentences from a variety of published books and stories, and discuss the variety of approaches they represent, such as "the hook" vs. world-building vs. setting the mood, etc. What makes us want to read on?

Dammit Jim! I'm a Fan, Not a Nuclear Scientist! (moderator)

Saturday 12:00, Marquette B
Horror stories of completely unqualified convention panelists.

The Ultimate MCU Movie and TV Show Ranking Extravaganza!

Saturday 13:00, Salon 6
Argue and defend your choices of the best, worst, and middling selections of the movies and shows that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Concert: Uncle Fluffy's Post-Apocalyptic Sing-Along

Saturday 17:00, Mississippian
Teaching children survival skills after the apocalypse.

Holy Rotten Eggs, Batman!: A Retrospective of the Worst Batman Film Format: Panel

Saturday 20:00, Salon 6
The summer of 1997 brought us the overstuffed travesty of camp called Batman & Robin. Join our panelists for a cathartic hour to unpack this notorious example of cinematic megalomania.

The Tenuous Suspension of Disbelief (moderating)

Sunday 12:00, Salon 4
As fans of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, we are used to believing in fantastical situations and elements, if only for a little while. Why would asking the public to believe in a fish woman with darker skin or a same sex relationship in outer space be a step too far?

There might be more shenanigans in the offing as well. Stay tuned to find out.

Hopefully I'll see some you this weekend,