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Where To Find Me At Flights Of Foundry This Weekend

Hey everybody!

Just a real quick note that I'm going to be participating in a virtual writing conference this weekend called Flights Of Foundry. The organization putting it on is called Dream Foundry, which is a group dedicated to fostering and helping undiscovered creative talent, not just writers but artists and game developers as well. That said, there is a big emphasis on writing.

Registration is free (although a smol donation would be appreciated if you're able). There's lots of great programming running round the clock, including (or perhaps in spite of) some being put on by yours truly. Here's what I'll be up to (all times are CST):

Saturday, 10pm: Putting The Words In The Right Order: A "Fifty Shades" Line-Editing Demonstration
Word-smithing doesn't have to be hard! Here's a guide to crafting stronger sentences and paragraphs, which Kurt will demonstrate by taking a red pen to E. L. James' breakout hit Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Sunday, 12pm: Why Audio Fiction?
Come talk with panelists whose work has appeared in both print and audio as they discuss the differences, advantages and downsides to being published in podcasts or audio-books.

Moderated by William Ledbetter
Panelists: Benjamin C. Kinney, Karen Osborne, Kurt Pankau, Premee Mohammed

Sunday, 4pm: Scribere Ex Machina: Writing A.I. In Genre Fiction
Conscious machines have been in fiction since at least 1872, with Samuel Butler's Erewhon. Join us for a discussion of the benefits and challenges of writing A.I. characters. How can you use them effectively in your storytelling, and what pitfalls do you want to avoid?

Moderated by Kurt Pankau
Panelists: William Ledbetter, N.R.M. Roshak, Martha Wells, Laurence Raphael Brothers